our history:

  • The carpentry Mofreita began more than 40 years ago, to take its first steps. From an early age he began designing and manufacturing furniture, decorating interiors and exteriors, and developing his true vocation to this days. With high levels of quality in the transformation of the wood, we're always attentive to the needs has followed step by step the evolutionary technology in order to respond to all the demands of the market.



  • Our new image represents our way of being in business and in life: simple, direct and forward-looking. We take pride in the tradition of our history, built with the effort of those who seek every day to do better.




  • Each time we are more aware that our home is our refuge and we don't decorate it to think about the visits or opinions of others but rather to think about our well-being, comfort and quality of life. This reveals that we are sure of what we want, that we know how to optimize our resources, and that all the intelligence and common sense that we apply in important decisions also projects in our space. With the constant search in decorating commercial spaces, the Carpentry Mofreita has executed several projects in this area, demonstrating the capacity that has to mark by the difference.


  • Carpentry Mofreita is a company that designs, produces and assembles furniture tailored to the client, believing in innovation and in the sense of the quality of the product it offers. For this he communicates with his clients and interested parties, trying to establish relationships with them in order to keep them satisfied. In relation to customers, it also seeks to satisfy and, if possible, exceed its needs and expectations; the products and services comply with the agreement. It also complies with applicable legal, regulatory and customer requirements applicable to the products and services provided. Carpentry Mofreita has established, implemented, maintains and continuously improves its QMS, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015. In case there is any consumer conflict, Carpentry Mofreita follows the definition given by the "National Center for Information and Arbitration for Consumer Conflicts".